MEILLEUR IT offers complete professional website designing solutions. We build web presence for our clients, from the simplest website to the most complex website coupled with database integration, wherever needed. Our skilled designers make sure that the website suites clients reputation & most importantly creates the right brand image.

We offer complete B2B & B2C E-Commerce and M-Commerce solutions that include Multi-Vendor Marketplaces, ECommerce Apps, Payment Gateway and Shipping Process integrations, Lead Management System etc. We create mobile-friendly, responsive, search engine friendly web stores that offer complete control over business operations.

Website Quality Assurance

Browser and Device compatibility Our proposed website will be tested via different browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer) and mobile devices. So you need to test whether your design works well in every browser. You should also check for consistency in different elements of the layout. The basic functions of the proposed website are links, Lead capturing tools, plug-ins, images and third party integration. So make sure all these functions work well. You should also check and approve the design of your home and landing pages.


We will make sure, that web pages are loading and data is retrieved quickly enough, and stress test the website's performance during moderate, heavy and peak demand times. We will configure GZIP compression for faster transfer of data.

All images are properly compressed.

We will implement Lazy loading for heavy pages like image Gallery etc. We will Make sure that the website is not susceptible to attacks such as SQL injections or brute force attacks, and test the website under a simulated denial-of-service attack. We will make sure that form data, cookies and passwords are encrypted properly, and use the HTTPS protocol on pages with sensitive information.

Accessibility Testing

We will verify that all website images are visible and are the appropriate dimensions and resolutions. Make sure that your color choices provide enough contrast between different page elements in order to follow good design practices and assist users with sight difficulties or color blind users. We will also do the below Tool Based Testing to confirm quality issues. Webpage analyzer (a tool that tests general website performance) CSS validator (a tool that checks HTML documents and Cascading Style Sheets) XML checker and validator (a tool that can determine the format and validity of an XML document) Robots checker (a tool that can check the syntax of the robots.txt file) Lighthouse Test - Web Page test